Counseling and Motivation

Of course, every student is special, and they all have unique and individual motivational factors. Over and over again the teen-aged students are in dire need of a break and are prone to be ill-advised and imprudent. At KMSS, we really care for you and provide psychological counseling to help you maintain your goal-oriented behaviors and evade lackluster. The career counseling department augments to explore possibilities that commensurate with your respective skills and abilities and boost your cognitive process and career objectives.

KMC views counseling as an essential service. Our philosophy is based on the belief that each student is a unique individual with specific needs. We also recognize the importance of supporting the positive growth of each individual in the academic field, social/emotional issues and future career planning. We do believe that guidance programs like ours play a key role in meeting these needs and personal development. Both classroom and individual counseling sessions are available for all when necessary.

We offer the full range of National Curriculum to provide a solid academic foundation. The curriculum of the school encompasses all the opportunities for learning whether these are formal or informal, timetabled or not. It incorporates self-awareness, guidance, decision-making and problem-solving strategies.

Support Services
This includes counselling and guidance presentation/activities to meet the needs and concerns of the students, parents, faculty, and staff members. Individual or group counseling ranges from problem-solving issues to crisis counseling which could include mental health services.

Individual Motivation and Planning
This assists students with academic and career planning. The Life Skills class is supportive in preparing students for transition issues and independent living.

System Support
Throughout the school year there are activities, presentations, and services for students aimed at giving support to the Guidance and Counseling Program goals. Peer tutoring, orientations, staff development, parent conferences, special services, and student activities are all examples of such planned student outreach.


Counseling and motivation are the strongest parts of KMC. As a student, I have experienced proper guidance and motivation many times. When college would reach up to my real problems, I would be sometimes surprised as if college knows my thought before I expressed them.