Management Faculty

Department of Management

The Department of Management at KMC (presumably referring to Kathmandu Model College) has been established since the institution’s inception, with a primary focus on providing in-depth knowledge of management at its level. The faculty’s main objective is to produce future managers and chartered accountants by offering comprehensive management education.

The department is led by reputed and professional academicians in the field of management who bring their expertise and experience to the classroom. The curriculum not only covers the National Examination Board (NEB) syllabus but also emphasizes competitive examinations such as CA (Chartered Accountancy) and BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) courses. This approach provides students with a practical knowledge base and prepares them for a wide range of opportunities in the management field.

To ensure students’ competence and confidence, the department conducts additional classes focused on research and presentations. These classes enhance students’ skills and knowledge in conducting research and presenting their findings. As a result, KMC students have achieved notable success in research and other examinations conducted by universities.

Apart from academic excellence, KMC organizes extracurricular activities (ECAs) such as sports and quizzes to explore and promote students’ hidden talents. Industrial and field visits, as well as excursions, are arranged frequently to make the teaching-learning process more practical and effective. These experiences provide students with real-world exposure and help them understand the practical applications of management concepts.

The department encourages students to actively participate in research and presentations, providing them with a platform to express themselves and showcase their abilities. Many KMC graduates have gone on to join reputable universities within the country and abroad, reflecting the academic excellence achieved through quality education.

The outstanding results achieved by the Faculty of Management in HSEB (Higher Secondary Education Board) examinations each year are a testament to their dedication and hard work. Notable achievements include Ms. Supriya Sharma scoring 92% in the NEB examination in 2015, Pranav Pratik Tulshyan ranking first in all of India in the CPT-CA (Common Proficiency Test – Chartered Accountancy) in 2014, and being the all-India topper in IPCC-CA (Integrated Professional Competence Course – Chartered Accountancy) in 2015, and Sujan Bhandari securing the top position in the NEB examination in 2019. These achievements are a result of the excellent learning environment, attentive care provided to students, and the efforts of the well-experienced faculty and their teamwork, which collectively bring out the true caliber of the students.


The faculty incorporates modern teaching methodologies in teaching by understanding the Management student’s needs. Rather than imposing lofty ideas through lectures, the students are highly encouraged in group work, pair work, and research so that they could learn by doing.

Message from the Academic Coordinators

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

At the onset, we take pleasure in welcoming you and your wards to KMSS. Management as our flagship program caters profound managerial acumen, tailors specific interests and hones extensive leadership skills. We hearten the young minds to think out-of-thebox challenge the existing limits to thrive in the contemporary
global career. At KMSS, the cozy classrooms and techno-friendly academic ambience allow for personal attention, a high level of interaction and facilitate for fruitful and enriching discussions among the students and faculty members.
We provide unrivalled academic life and embody panorama of interests and aspiration to unleash your hidden potential and expose you to a broad array of academic activities. We strive to instill leadership, steadiness and assertiveness in our students through plethora of socio-cultural events and extra-curricular activities. Here, you’ll be a part of enduring scholarly traditions and have new experiences that you’ll keep in mind for a lifetime.
We are immensely elated to extend warm welcome to all SEE graduates who have the yearning to propel and augment their knowledge and skills to explore the wealth of opportunities. We look forward to team-up with you in the development of your wards, so that they reach great heights!



Lok Mani Kandel

HOD ( Economics)


HOD (Social Studies)

Tanka Raj Dahal

HOD ( English)

Gaurav Mishra

HOD ( Computer)


HOD ( Nepali)

Rama Nepal

HOD (Hotel Management)

Prabha Subedi

HOD (Business Studies)

Rewati Khanal

HOD ( Math)