About KMSS

Sited at the heart of Kathmandu metropolis, Bagbazar, KMSS is a premier and time-tested academic hub for aspirants seeking top−notch higher education in Nepal. Since its inception in 2000 A.D., KMSS has exuberantly carved out an enviable niche itself at the pinnacle of the best +2 schools in the country.

In course of its about two decades glorious academic odyssey, it has earned its discrete place of pride and stands out from the crowd in academic par excellence across the nation. KMSS has renovated and refurbished its facilities time and again and upholds an inimitable techno−friendly and congenial academic milieu conducive to teaching−learning activities. Where we are today in the academic dome is the upshot of our relentless endeavors in exploring new terrains in professional education. 



KMSS is committed to redefining modern education and retaining the historical legacy of academic excellence throughout and aspires for soaring even higher in academia. KMSS seeks to instill discipline, nurture decency, inculcate moral values, and kindle a fervor and ardor for learning by fostering an apposite ambiance of intellectual vigor with its edge−cut labs, and state−of−the−art infrastructures outfitted with ultra−modern technology and seasoned faculty members rich with industry experience. KMSS makes deliberate efforts to set the students’ dreams into motion and hanker to take the learning experience beyond the classroom to make it a unique pool of talent. We have had consistently high and best−ever (100%) NEB result every year and we owe our up−and−coming popularity and the saga of success to our dyed−in−the−wool faculty members with extensive professional know-how and their untiring efforts and unstinted guidance to our students.

KMSS has kept itself abreast of modern educational trends and caters to competent modern education in resonance with the values of life and remains committed to pursuing its goal of ‘Academic Excellence through Quality Education.

Every year, more than 10,000 students take the entrance examination to get an enrollment at +2 levels in KMSS which is a solid testimony of the faith and belief our parents and guardians have bestowed upon us. KMSS boasts of its holistic approach to enriching students’ learning experience by reinforcing practical and student−centered teaching-learning pedagogy which is modern, resourceful, innovative, and enterprising.

KMSS aims at unfolding the students’ innate potentialities encouraging initiative, futuristic outlook, and cultural consciousness, and preparing foundations for highly qualified human resources needed for the global market of the 21st century. Ethos, team spirit, and community service are strongly imbibed in our students through assorted trident-driven activities. It does its utmost not only for the academic development of the students but also for their physical, mental, and emotional growth through various co−curricular and extra−curricular activities. KMSS caters holistic development of the students; advocates academic eminence and assures quality education at an affordable cost. Strategies being tagged along today may turn almost obsolete tomorrow. KMSS inexorably presumes to guide the avenues for the future of today’s generation by nurturing intellectual dynamism and moral rectitude.

Goals and Achievements


  • To impart sound professional training and knowledge to students and to inculcate in them time-tested
    values and responsibilities as good citizens of the country. 
  • To strengthen students’ capacity to cope with all kinds of challenging situations.
  • To foster round development of students through curricular and extracurricular programs.
  • To motivate students to become self-reliant and promote harmonious relations through unity and interaction among multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic groups.
  • To motivate students to strive for and attain academic and professional excellence.


  • KMC has been honored with the Educational Award 2074 by the Ministry of Education for its outstanding results.
  • KMC students have secured positions in grades XI & XII science including board top.
  • Nationwide outstanding results at +2 levels in Science, Management, and Law (up to 4 GPA)
  • An institution with a difference in maintaining discipline and academic standards for the last twenty-two years.
  • A visionary plan to get converted into a university (an institution running classes from Play Group to Master’s Degree).
  • KMC is only one private college that produces such students who secured their place at CEE, IOE, and other reputed institutions with prestigious scholarships.

Special Awards

  • KMC EXCELLENCE AWARD of Rs. 15,001/- along with a trophy will be awarded to the students for their r overall excellent performance in all the activities including their academic excellence.
  • BISHNU-RADHA AWARD of Rs. 10,001/- cash along with a trophy, established by Mr. Bishnu Prasad Sharma, Founder Chairman of KMC will be awarded to any two KMC faculty toppers  in the NEB Exam of
    Class XI.
  • AAMA DIL KUMARI AWARD of Rs. 5,001/- cash along with a Trophy, established by Mr. Lank Bahadur K.C., Founder, will be awarded to two of the girl students of KMC, scoring the highest
    marks in NEB Exam of XI.
  • AAMA MAYADEVI AWARD of Rs. 5,001/- cash along with a Trophy, established by Dr. Dhruba Bhattarai, Founder Director of KMC, will be awarded to the girl’s topper student of Management in NEB Exam of grade XI.