Law Faculty

Department of Law

The Department of Law at KMC (Kathmandu Model College) was established in 2019 with a primary focus on providing in-depth knowledge of law at its level. The faculty aims to produce future law professionals by offering a comprehensive understanding of legal studies.

The department is led by reputed and professional academicians in the field of law who bring their expertise and experience to the classroom. The curriculum not only covers the National Examination Board (NEB) syllabus but also focuses on competitive examinations for law courses at the bachelor’s level. This comprehensive approach ensures that students receive a practical foundation of legal knowledge.

To enhance students’ competency and confidence, the department conducts extra classes focused on research and presentation skills. These classes provide students with the necessary skills to excel in research and perform well in examinations conducted by universities. As a result, many students have achieved notable success in the field of research and other academic endeavors.

In addition to academic excellence, KMC organizes extracurricular activities (ECAs) such as sports and quizzes to explore and promote students’ hidden talents. Industrial and field visits, as well as excursions, are also organized to provide students with practical exposure and a deeper understanding of the legal profession.

The department encourages students to actively participate in research and presentations, allowing them to express themselves and showcase their abilities. The achievements of KMC’s law students reflect the college’s commitment to academic excellence and quality education. Notably, Ms. Sima Bhattarai, a student from the first batch of the law program, secured the top position in the NEB examinations in 2021. Many other students have also secured positions in reputed colleges to pursue their bachelor’s programs.

The faculty of law at KMC incorporates modern teaching methodologies that prioritize the needs of law students. Rather than relying solely on lectures, students are encouraged to engage in group work, pair work, and research activities, allowing them to learn through practical application.

Overall, the Department of Law at KMC provides a conducive learning environment, proper care, experienced faculty, and effective teamwork to nurture and showcase the true caliber of its students. Through its holistic approach to legal education, KMC’s law program aims to produce competent and accomplished law professionals.

Message from the Academic Advisor

In recent years, legal education has emerged as an exceedingly opted stream for an attractive career option. Thus, all the law campuses/colleges (12 campuses) of different universities in Nepal have top competition
to got enrolment. The Nepal Open University has also been offering LL.B program from last year. There are few reasons to have huge pressure in legal education, these include:

  • To acquire knowledge of law
  • To be recognized as legally aware and a civilized citizen in the society
  • To involve in the legal profession (judge, lawyer, law professor, legal researcher, diplomat, etc.)
  • To be qualified for promotion as chief of a quasi-judicial body/ office
  • To be a successful politician and administrator

I, therefore would like to suggest to SEE graduate students to study law for making wide range brighter future carrier. Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School (KMHSS) is one of the top ranked academic institution in Nepal which is successful to implement its motto “academic excellence through quality education”. It is committed to maintain its top ranking position in legal education too. I would like to suggest to join KMHSS for quality legal education. I feel proud to be an academic advisor of KMHSS.

Prof. Dr. Tara Prasad Sapkota
Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Nepal
Former Dean, Faculty of Law, Tribhuvan University