Success Story

I am Abhishek Chapagain, studying at IoM, Maharajgunj. I wanted to become a good doctor from my childhood. For that I had to enlist my name in scholarship for MBBS. To do so I needed to study in one of the best college. And after I went through the colleges of Kathmandu, I could not find one better than KMC. So I enrolled in KMC at biology faculty. I found the college above my expectations. The environment KMC gave to us really was motivating to pursue our goals. Teachers taught in very well manners, constantly motivation classes were run to keep our study esteem high and there was a good academic competition among friends which motivated us always to excel at our study.
I remember the first day of college when CI sir gave us an hour long orientation on how to pursue our goals of success which we sought. From that day I made a strict routine and stuck to it. Being a hosteler at college, I also found the hostel environment warming and study supportive too. Every day, I woke up early at 5:30 and studied till I had to get ready for college at 11. After returning from college also, I studied and did notes till 12pm in the night. During study, I took 10 min break in every hour. That kept me refreshed and juvenile for the study as well. Sometimes I had a lot to study and it kind of frustrated me. After that I used to think of what I had to achieve; which always gave me tremendous motivation. So I couldn’t be frustrated by a little load on me, could I ? Also college coordinators also constantly kept me motivated whenever I had a dilemma on my mind. I am too grateful to our chief co-coordinator sir as well for constantly mentoring me.
For study I took the college recommend books and read it thoroughly. I didn’t leave any page unturned because anything could be asked in the entrance exam. During class 12, I studied pre-med at NAME which gave me an overview of the entrance pattern and the depth of knowledge which I needed to have. So after 2 exams, I read the Modules of NAME and few foreign reference books. But ultimately the knowledge I needed most was of basic things of 2 text books. And I stayed away from the social networking platform during 2 and entrance preparation but I used internet to surf the study materials sometimes. I played few games and was involved in a bit of ECAs, but not much. I wanted to focus on my study the most. 
For juniors I want to encourage you guys to give your best at 2 because it is that point of time when we might think we need freedom but we don’t know that this period is the time which basically shapes what we will be for the rest of the life. So, study well and have a good basic knowledge of 2, because without studying the textbooks well no one could have got their name through the entrance exam. And best of luck to you all!!


Abhishek Chapagain IOM, Maharajgunj