Extra Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities unveil a lot about students in scores of ways that academic grades and test scores can't. Today's education is not all about knowing the knowledge and scoring high marks in exams. The education today should cater such holistic education that will craft flexible, creative and proactive youths who could easily adopt in the increasingly fluid and rapidly evolving world in which they live. ECA teaches time management, critical thinking, teamwork, social skills and so many life skills which will be beneficial in upcoming days. Extra-curricular activities also foster a sense of commitment to a goal and team purpose and reduce selfish behaviour.
Undoubtedly, KMC focuses on students' academic par excellence. Nevertheless, ECA is also taken into consideration as we believe that extra-curricular activities complement study and develop a well-rounded, socially skilled, and healthier student. Academic knowledge just produces one-dimensional students so KMC facilitates lifelong skills through the avenue of extra-curricular activities. Being involved in clubs, sports work or other pursuits outside the classroom can give any students a new insight of skills and help them learn about themselves and of course gives mammoth funs. KMC conducts plethora extracurricular activities to provide ample opportunities to expose our students' hidden potentials.
The students are availed playing materials during recess and after college time. KMC conducts sports week once a year and the numerous co-curricular activities throughout the academic session. Extracurricular activities at KMC encompass:

  • Sports: Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Cricket
  • Debate and speech competition
  • Dance and singing competition
  • Excursion
  • Trekking
  • Mr. and Miss KMC
  • Presentation competition
  • Cultural programs
  • Movie watching
  • Industrial visit
  • Science exhibition
  • Motivational speech
  • Chess competition
  • Art and drawing competition
  • Poem competition