Message from the Principal

Education is unending life long process. It begins when one enters the stage of life and goes until he / she exit from his/her life. Formal education is given by educational institutions. The aims and objectives of Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School is to instill in the students genuine human and spiritual values, a genuine concern for the welfare of others and commitment to truth and justice and last but not least the academic excellence and over all development of ones personality to meet situation in life. I humbly request to all the parents, well wishers, teachers and students to the support us to achieve our aims and objectives.
Good academic institutes are built by the joint effort of good people and I believe that the whole management team, faculty members, administrative staff and brilliant students of Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School come and work together to make Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School as one of the best academic institute of Nepal. No institute fulfills all its desires and commitments in one academic year; it is a continuous process and I believe that Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School will do its best tirelessly to retain and upgrade the quality of its education. Our mission is to support the students in meeting the challenges they face to improve the quality of their education and support them to achieve their goal. It is important to choose the right academic institute to get quality education. In this 21th century, to get academic degree may not be a very big challenge but the real challenge is to get a competitive and quality education which is not possible without choosing a good Academic institute. I ensure our students and parents that we are fully devoted our self for the betterment of the future of our beloved students. One of the most important factors to ensure the quality education provided by an academic institute is reflect from its stability and stability of Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary school comes from its long history with excellent results, its well equipped laboratories installed in its own building and the land occupied by it at the centre of the Kathmandu city.
At Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School, we believe that it is very essential to guide students to apply their knowledge what they learn in the class room in their practical classes in the laboratories. The strength of Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School are qualified and experienced faculties, well equipped laboratories and, guided field visit which result in quality education and balance between knowledge and its practical application.
Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary school provides a very good learning environment where all teachers focus on the course content and take every opportunity to help students gain knowledge, understand the contents. Besides our regular course we also run extracurricular activities such as sports, writing stories, poems and essays and participate in the Olympiad to help students to unfold their hidden talents and help students to develop the thinking and look at the things happening in the world at different angles. You are most welcome to study at Kathmandu Model Higher secondary school.
Thanking you